Letters to the Editor

Venezuela’s woes

The worsening economic situation in Venezuela is affecting the population of this previously wealthy South American nation. The people are living through daily power blackouts and the shortage of food and essential necessities such as toilet paper and medicine.

These proud people endure the worst inflation rate in the world today, and rampant crime and misery. This situation is occurring in a nation that has the largest reserves of oil in the world.

The deterioration can be directly attributed to the socialist economy of Venezuela and the corruption of the Maduro and Chávez regimes. The petroleum industry is controlled by the government. While Maduro and his friends live comfortably, the industry and nation are rife with incompetence, corruption and cronyism.

The example of poverty and misery in Venezuela should be a clear warning to American voters who are embracing socialism within the Democratic Party of 2016.

The founder of the Democratic Party, Thomas Jefferson, advocated free enterprise and limited constitutional government.

Tim Seale, Miami