Letters to the Editor

Principal Cox cared

Re the Jan. 22 article Principal retires after filth claims: It looks like Sunset Senior High got its wish with the sudden retirement of its principal, Lucy Cox. Presumably, when she exits the building all the cockroaches and mold will march right out with her.

I worked with Cox on a number of school projects and found her to be a brilliant, hard-working, caring educator who wanted nothing more than success for the students. I cannot help but suspect that she ruffled the feathers of some sacred-cow “educators” who thought they knew better about how to run a high school.

I suggest that Sunset High faculty and students enjoy their moment of victory. They successfully ran off their principal, but should watch out for whoever replaces her. They may find the grass isn’t so green on that side of the fence, either.

Miles Woolley, Hialeah