Letters to the Editor

Deflate-gate asterisk

Here we go again. The Patriots have been caught skirting the rules of the game.

I’ve heard differing opinions, from no big deal to they should forfeit the game, it was a blowout anyway, and everybody does it. If it’s no big deal, why do it and why is there a rule?

If everybody does it, then maybe the NFL should do away with the rule. Shouldn’t rules apply to all no matter how seemingly minuscule? As a fan, this bothers me more than what players do off the field. Those are issues by individuals, however, they may have left a stain on the NFL.

The Patriots have are sending a clear message to win at all costs. Why is this so different from the Saints?

I have no faith that much will be done. I say, Bill Belichick doesn’t make it in the Hall of Fame, and if he does there is an asterisk.

Felicia Tannehill, Biscayne Park