Letters to the Editor

Working transit system

I am not a millennial, but I believe in the revolutionary potential of mass transit. I can walk to the Metrorail station in my neighborhood, but I drive to work. The Tri-Rail station near my office exits to the east, but I work to the west, literally on the wrong side of the tracks.

I will take mass transit to Miami Beach or points north, but it is completely off-base to suggest that a no-frills bus would win me over. I want fast, comfortable, quiet, safe and wifi-enabled transit — all things I have in my car, even if I have to sit in traffic.

Our current transit system must be more accessible and new transit needs to meet — or exceed — the expectations. It has to have minimal inconvenience, minimal additional time and maximum comforts.

If political leaders can spend $9 million on a private enterprise like the Skyrise Miami bobby pin and $5 million for an Opa-locka terminal for a few rich people, they can figure out funding for transit that will benefit the many rather than the few.

Thomas M. Wade, Miami