Letters to the Editor

The Underline won’t work with the noise

My daughter and I sometimes like to walk to dinner. Walking a mile or two in 20 to 30 minutes then sitting down at a casual restaurant is perfect.

These walks might seem to be a waste of time to some, but for father and daughter something magical happens while walking. Text messages, email and smartphone distractions are ignored. We talk to each other

I have been following news of the Underline, the proposed linear park under the Metrorail lines next to US-1. Enhancing the M-Path bike route there to make it more usable and attractive seems like a good idea.

Last night, my daughter and I tried a new route for our walk to dinner. Part of it was along The Underline. Sadly, we found a problem that made that part of our walk very unpleasant. It was so noisy that any normal conversation was impossible. Trains passing overhead are part of the problem but far worse is the noise of thousands of cars and trucks on U.S.1, only100 feet away.

I am skeptical that The Underline will really work as a park. A bike and jogging path yes, but at least in most areas, it is not a place to sit and talk or walk and talk or an area for kids to play. While screening and landscaping may create a visual buffer, unless noise levels can be significantly reduced, this area under Metrorail, next to one of our busiest surface streets, will not be a pleasant place.

Stuart Grant, Miami