Letters to the Editor

Tragedies on the road to Key Biscayne

I go to Key Biscayne on an average of once a month.

I am usually the only car driving at the correct speed limit. I have even had truck drivers, in addition to motorists honk their horns at me while I am driving at exactly the speed limit. And this includes driving thru the Village.

Yes, there are signs along the way warning drivers that the speed will be slower just ahead, but no one slows down—except me! When people are riding in the bike lane, no one moves over a bit to insure that they do not hit someone by accident.

The simple and best way would be for police officers to patrol the roadways and begin handing out tickets. I never see any police over-seeing the drivers even on Crandon Boulevard while passing the police station.

Why not I ask?

I've seen cars after the toll on the bridge come off at over 60 mph, passing the electronic signs announcing how fast they are moving, but once again, no police chasing them. Another innocent victim killed, another outcry from the residents, and again nothing changes. What a shame for the visitors and residents of the Village of Key Biscayne.

Elyn, Bushman, Weston