Letters to the Editor

Limit number of foster children

I am writing this as a foster parent of eight years. I am concerned at the number of children that are being allowed in foster homes. The limit has always been five children total.

This is to be inclusive of biological, adopted and foster. There has been a trend to obtain waivers and go over this limit for any foster parent that is willing to have greater than five children. I personally know foster homes that have ten children. I know of a single foster mother that has six children.

It is not possible to adequately care for ten children, especially with foster children that have additional needs and care. A single mother cannot provide care for six to seven children.

I am writing this letter out of concern for the foster children in these homes. DCF needs to enforce the five children total limit for two parent households and a four children total limit for single parent homes.

Jessica Barnes, Tallahassee