Letters to the Editor

Incorrect thinking

A better headline for Buddy Newman’s May 23 letter would have been Let’s continue being incorrect. His letter is a perfect example of the default mantra of the right any time they feel threatened.

Rather than admit there is a reason why an overwhelming majority of scientists believe in a climate change created by human activity, Newman falls back on “dissent being stifled” as if the scientific method isn’t built on dissent and revision.

Rather than acknowledging that anti-gay bigotry was initially met with “reasonable conversation” and “politely defended” positions before it became apparent that those tactics fall on deaf ears, Newman makes it sound like all aggrieved groups simply agitate to create chaos.

Conflating backward thinking with free thinking seems to be the right’s new rhetorical strategy, and Donald Trump is the perfect avatar for this “Galileo delusion.” Trump is a champion of free thought willing to take on the politically correct establishment the same way Galileo took on the church.

The only problem with this delusion is that Galileo used empirical methods to overturn decaying orthodoxy.

Peter Konen,