Letters to the Editor

Unsafe for cyclists

As an avid cyclist I have ridden the scenic ride from Coconut Grove to Key Biscayne almost weekly for the past 30 years. Unfortunately, I hung up my road bike and bought a mountain bike and decided that the only safe way to access this scenery was to stick to the sidewalks and beach parking lots. Although I was often breaking the law, I would rather get a ticket than risk my life.

My heart breaks for the cyclists hit on the causeway on Wednesday, one of whom was killed. The sad truth is that clearly there isn’t enough policing to make it a safe cycling area.

Why are there no speed traps or speed cameras, similar to the ones used all over Europe, on these bridges? Why haven’t speed bumps been installed to slow down racing drivers? On roads like this there needs to be a concrete barrier between the bikes and the cars.

I urge road bike fanatics to find other, safer alternatives for their ride.

Geoff Willerton, Miami