Letters to the Editor

Timing is everything

Education Week, a national publication, recently revealed that Florida, after years of climbing to a national ranking of sixth in the nation slipped to 28th. It’s too bad this wasn’t made public before the gubernatorial election, when Gov. Scott bragged about all he’s done for education.

Some stark facts:

  • Florida ranks 41st in funding, spending $9,120 vs. $11,735 per student, for the national average.
  • Florida ranks 34th in graduation rates.
  • High school classes typically have 35-40 students despite the re-passage of the class-size amendment.

Scott’s agenda of cutting taxes and cutting costs has not benefited us as a state. Jerry Brown brought California back from the brink of bankruptcy by raising taxes. It now has the high-tech jobs associated with a superior educational system.

Since Florida is now third-largest state, we should do the right thing.

Paul Sternschein, Pembroke Pines