Letters to the Editor

Mass-transit vow

History tells us to put little faith in recent promises by county leaders to add six new transit lines. But I hope that this time we will buck that tradition.

These proposed lines are promising because of their connections to educational institutions. Miami is home to huge numbers of commuting college students who would welcome better transportation options. The new lines, including Tri-Rail’s Coastal Link, would connect Florida International University’s main and north campuses. FIU is the nation’s fourth-largest university system, and most of its students are commuters.

The proposed North and Kendall corridors would connect to Miami Dade College’s North and Kendall campuses. Coastal Link would also connect Barry University and Johnson & Wales. These connections should be priorities, as they promise high ridership returns. Let’s get students off expensive and dangerous expressways and onto a 21st-century mass-transit system.

Scott T. Bracken-Tripp, North Miami