Letters to the Editor

Defend Jacksonville

Columnist Fabiola Santiago’s May 22 piece, Bathroom ‘confusion’ the least of N. Florida’s problems, opened with a seven-paragraph rant on syndicated talk radio, traffic and crime before pivoting to the reactions of a few area politicians to transgender children.

Jacksonville has its challenges, but fear mongers who exploit media to further political campaigns are hardly unique to our city. Talk radio, busy highways and crime aren’t, either. Santiago failed to include that the official policy of Duval County Public Schools has been fully inclusive for years.

While an overwhelming majority of the region’s largest employers, including the city, offer full LGBT protections, our government has yet to adopt legislation that solidifies protections across the private sector.

We’re well aware of these shortcomings, and many are working to remedy it. But one issue doesn’t define Jacksonville. Our city is welcoming and has afforded opportunities to many in the LGBT community, myself included.

Abel Harding, Jacksonville