Letters to the Editor

American values?

I clearly remember exactly where I was when the news came over the radio that Pearl Harbor had just been attacked.

Over the next few years, American propaganda emphasized the differences between us and the Japanese and the evil Nazis. Highlighted proof: the Nazis tortured people. With our belief in the transcendent dignity of each human being, Americans would never do something so despicable.

Then came Attorney General John Mitchell testifying before a Senate Committee saying, in effect, there are no moral limitations when acting in the name of national defense.

Then came Alberto Gonzalez and Dick Cheney making torture acceptable United States policy — just give it a euphemism: “enhanced techniques.”

Now we have a presidential candidate who seeks supporters by promising to, not only torture people but to torture them worse. You ask, where are our Christian values? OK, but where are our American values?

Daniel R. Collins,