Letters to the Editor

Running Man

Every South Floridian should stop and take three minutes to watch the city of Miami’s #RunningManChallenge.

To start, it is the best #RunningManChallenge made since the International Dance Off began in New Zealand last month. Officer Nick Perez, the department’s vlogger or video blogger, captures the culture of the 305 by videoing more than 50 officers, the bomb unit, and the chief of police busting a move. The female officer featured earned over 120 likes on Facebook for her salsa dancing to the tune of Gloria Estefan’s Conga.

At the end of the video, Perez goes retro by breakdancing and ending in a flurry of windmills, effectively “dropping the mike” on the #RunningManChallenge. Within three hours the video had gone viral with over 1 million hits and 30,000 shares. But if you still aren’t convinced that this isn’t worth watching, think about this, the real mission of Perez’s vlog is to show the world that police officers are more than a uniform. They are humans, too.

Angela E. Lawrence,