Letters to the Editor

Not enough freshwater

Re the Jan. 17 article, State eases oversight of Turkey Point cooling canals: Spokeswoman Bianca Cruz called CASE “an anti-nuclear group of people that attempts to use the process to grab inflammatory headlines and raise money."

Sorry, Ms. Cruz, wrong on both counts. CASE, an all-volunteer organization, is only anti-Turkey Point. It isn’t a place to produce energy; it should be returned to nature and we should be producing renewable energy on our homes, businesses and institutions and conserving energy.

As we said, before the administrative law judge panel of the Atomic Safety Licensing Board of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Jan. 14 in Homestead, it’s all about freshwater. There isn’t enough freshwater to run the reactors at Turkey Point to do what it has done there for eons.

The cooling canals were a 41-year experiment that seems to have run its course. And their own statistics showed that, if they had cared to look.

Barry J. White, president,

Citizens Allied for Safe Energy, Miami