Letters to the Editor

Biker, ATV takeover

Miami dodged the bullet on Monday with the irresponsible bikers that took over our roadways. Only one minor crash was reported, apparently no injuries. But the police also sent a clear message with only three arrests reported.

Pause without a complete stop at a red light on a right turn, and face a substantial fine if a red-light camera catches you. But sail through red lights, speed, even drive in the wrong direction on busy streets with a bunch of your buddies on bikes and ATVs, and face no consequences.

It’s hard to believe that strategically placed road blocks couldn’t have safely brought an end to the insanity. At the very least, red-light cameras should have caught many images of violators. Can’t police use these, if they didn’t record their own videos, for later prosecution?

John Goehl, Biscayne Park