Letters to the Editor

Vaping is helping to save lives

As the owner of a vape shop in the Lemon City area of Miami, I have the opportunity to see first hand the benefits of e-cigarettes on a regular basis. Our customers are a diverse group that includes people from many walks of life, ethnicities and income levels. They all have one thing in common: They no longer struggle with smoking.

Since our shop opened a little over six months ago, I’ve seen so many lives change for the better, all thanks to vaping. From the grandfather who conquered his two-pack-a-day habit in one week and no longer wakes up coughing his lungs out to the single mother’s struggle to free herself of her addiction to a pack of menthols a day.

These are real people struggling with a real addiction who are desperate to stop smoking. The only solution that has worked for them is vaping.

The FDA’s regulations released recently essentially pave the way for a ban on e-cigarettes and vaping. This is, at best, a strong indication of the bureaucratic ignorance, lack of vision and caring about the individual. At worst, it’s a blatant abuse of power and authority designed to destroy many and benefit a few.

Claims that these regulations are to safeguard the public ring hollow and those that seek the truth know very well that the only ones protected by these prohibitive regulations are the companies that manufacture cigarettes, nicotine patches and nicotine gum. The citizens the FDA proclaims it wishes to protect, have overwhelmingly and repeatedly voiced their disapproval of these regulations, yet their voices have gone unheard.

The fact that cigarettes kill is undisputed, yet they continue to be sold. The reason for this is obvious — the billions of dollars in taxes collected by the federal and state governments would disappear.

It’s time for people to take a stand against government overreach and corruption.

For many, this literally is a matter of life and death.

Aaron Gewirtz, Miami