Letters to the Editor

Unemployed senior

I read with interest the May 12 letter from Diane Ricke regarding the need for us to take all of Gov. Scott’s actions seriously.

After being laid off from my job of more than 15 years in September, I went on unemployment and was shocked to find those benefits last only three months. This is particularly difficult for senior citizens. Being 64 years old, more than seven months later I find myself still unemployed after actively looking for employment.

I have many good skills and an excellent work ethic. If the unemployment benefits lasted longer, especially for senior citizens in the same situation, I would be in a much better position, financially.

Now, I find myself having to put my beloved home of more than 20 years, on the market because of dwindling funds from the lack of a job and also having to leave Miami. I have lived in this city for 37 years, and it is with a heavy heart that I have to make these decisions because of Gov. Scott’s actions, or actually, inaction.

Bettina Burns,