Letters to the Editor

Reject incumbents

Re the May 10 article Gimenez leads mayoral race in Miami-Dade: I don’t care who is leading or who has the most money. I will only vote for the one who will actively campaign to deal with the traffic issues.

It is obvious that the only constituents that matter to either the mayor or commissioners are developers. They hold hearings, but then pass anything the deep-pocketed builders want to do. And we, the people, sit there like lemmings and complain, but continue to elect these same incompetents who allow more and more construction that clogs our streets and highways.

Well , I only have one vote, but can make a lot of signs and write a lot of letters to implore South Floridians to vote against the incumbents. If we keep doing the same thing, thinking there will be different results, then we are truly insane.

Mike Melnick,

North Miami Beach