Letters to the Editor

Update tennis arena

It seems unfair that one man, Bruce Matheson, is able to stop any future improvements at the Crandon Park Tennis Center at his discretion.

The structural enhancements to the tennis facility that have been proposed and have been approved by the voters of Miami-Dade County do not change the footprint of the current park.

The Miami Open tennis tournament draws 300,000 people each year. If the tournament leaves because of Miami-Dade County’s inability to update the facility, only a tiny fraction of this number will bother to use the park to play tennis on their own. As it is now, it is impractical to use the stadium court for recreational play because of its size.

With the tournament gone, I fear that we will have a repeat of what we have seen with Miami Marine Stadium — slow deterioration from disuse.

Maintaining this world-class site as a top-notch tennis facility will keep the tournament here, and enable hundreds of thousands of people to continue to enjoy the park. Isn’t that what the park is for?

John Martin,

Key Biscayne