Letters to the Editor

Genting gamble

Re the May 12 story Genting sues to force approval for Omni casino: I’m confused. A referendum defeated expanding legalized gambling in Florida. The state lawmakers also defeated legislation that would have permitted casinos. Now Genting is suing to be able to put in slots and card games and for a parimutuel permit at its downtown property. And one judge is going to make that decision?

I’m not an attorney, but it seems that the Genting suit is trying to execute a back-door legal maneuver to get what it wants.

Here’s a novel idea: Genting, accept the fact that, despite your massively expensive lobbying, you gambled and lost after betting you could establish a casino in Miami.

Why not use the empty land where the Herald was and create a park for our city? Nobody would object to that plan.

Marian Turk,