Letters to the Editor

Grateful to coach

Re the May 5 article Grubair not returning for 18th season as Ransom AD, boys’ basketball coach: My Ransom memories would be mere footnotes without the impact of coach and mentor Claude Grubair.

His lasting impact goes beyond the school’s basketball and athletics success. He (along with assistant coach Rob Fodor) was the only person during my time there who made it his mission to develop us as people separate from our privileged, elitist upbringing. Every year he took a new team and broke down barriers to the world around us. We tutored students in the Grove and went to New Orleans to build homes after Katrina. He never missed an opportunity to show us our responsibility to give back to the community.

On and off the court, he helped instill a sense of accountability, self-confidence and mental fortitude that I hadn’t ever imagined for myself.

I know I don’t speak only for myself when I say I am forever grateful to Coach Grubair for all he has given me.

Evan Stanley Gilbert,

Coral Gables