Letters to the Editor

America’s teamwork

Donald Trump says he doesn’t want the support of some Republicans (Can presumptive GOP nominee Trump unify party?, May 5).

It appears he doesn’t have much of the GOP’s support because, as Thomas L. Friedman wrote in the May 3 New York Times, Trump, by destroying this version of the Republican Party has “done the Lord’s work.”

The last smart thing the GOP did was a post-mortem after the 2012 election on things it needed to do to remain viable as a political party in 21st-century America. After that, not so smart.

In spite of the GOP’s blatant obstruction of the President Obama’s policies, U.S. unemployment is below 5 percent, the stock market is up, the price of oil is down and the budget deficit has fallen by $1 trillion over his two terms. Overall economic growth of the United States has greatly outpaced that of other advanced nations. Imagine what could have happened if there had been a “thinking center-right party” instead of what we had.

To get the work that needs doing done, Democrats, too, need to guard against moving away from a center-left party that could deepen crippling political divisiveness. Teamwork put America ahead in this world; without it we will become something that is much less.

Jim Crowder,