Letters to the Editor

New scapegoats

In his May 3 column, Economic bullying is not the way to protect transgenders, Glenn Garvin repeatedly uses the incorrect term, “transgendered.” Transgender is an adjective, not a verb. It is something we are, like tall or thin. It’s not something that we do, or that was done to us. Conservatives seem to love turning the term into a verb to suggest that being transgender is something we choose. It’s not.

In his closing paragraph Garvin suggests that, “If we want people to accept the transgendered, instead of shunning them as weird deviants” — nice little left-handed insult there — “calm persuasion will go a lot further than freedom-fighting.”

Of course, he ignores the months of calm persuasion that tried by many of the same companies he criticizes. That’s because the reactionary right needs a new boogey man, and they have elected transgender people for the role. If they can divert voters’ attention from real economic issues with “weird deviants,” they think they can secure re-election in their gerrymandered states.

We’re just people. As far as I know, no transgender person in the United States has committed any crime against women or children.

Roxanne Ellis, Key West