Letters to the Editor

Not my GOP

This is not your grandfather’s GOP. I know because I’m that grandfather.

My first political memory is of walking through the halls of the Bronx High School of Science during the 1944 run-up to the election and getting dirty looks from faculty and students alike because of my Dewey-Bricker campaign button.

To me, being conservative involves conserving what is good and replacing what is not with something better. Compared to anyplace else in the world, there is an awful lot of good in these United States and not all that much that needs replacing.

The party that I have belonged to during most of those years since 1944 does not agree with me, and so I am now left politically homeless. If there are enough people like me, perhaps someone will come up with a party that understands that being conservative involves conservation not destruction.

At 87, I’m too old to be that person, but I can hope that he or she is out there fashioning my new home.

Arnold Slotkin, Hollywood