Letters to the Editor

Hope in Opa-locka

I am confident the destiny of the city of Opa-locka is brighter than it’s ever been before.

I recently organized a New Generation Prayer Vigil to address the alleged corruption and financial crisis in this community. Among the worshipers were former employees, pastors and ministers and residents. My opening remarks included the sordid history of Opa-locka and how 2016 marks 40 years I and most of those present have been praying for the city.

I view the current ills of Opa-locka as positive. A new generation is about to lead Opa-locka into awesome prosperity. The former generation of greed, corruption, self-centeredness, idolatry and deceit has come to an end.

The prayer vigil ended with the release of 12 doves over the city, symbolizing the blessings of God on the community by the power of His Holy Spirit. Thank God for new beginnings.

Rose Tydus,