Letters to the Editor

Things change

In his May 3 column, Economic bullying is not the best way to protect transgenders, Glenn Garvin is once again using his considerable literary skill to try to convince us of an absurd proposition.

Garvin would have us believe that because corporations, associations and individuals have behaved badly in the past they are hypocritical to behave well in the present and the future. The world changes and so do organizations and individuals. When they change for the good, they should be applauded, not condemned, even if right-wingers like Garvin think them only “politically correct.”

If North Carolina were to enact again all of its former Jim Crow laws, would he support them and condemn those opposed as hypocrites for their silence of a century ago?

I suppose Garvin fancies himself a thoughtful conservative, but isn’t it time for him to own up to being a reactionary?

Martin Motes, Redland