Letters to the Editor

Trump rallies

I take issue with Larry Valle’s letter, Deport Mexicans. I think he has been ingesting too much of Donald Trump’s demagogy about Mexico and Mexicans. What seems to upset Valle is that demonstrators waved the Mexican flag and became physical at a Trump rally in California. This type of behavior seems to follow Trump’s rallies across the county and the hooligans causing the problems aren’t all Mexican.

Here in South Florida the Cuban and other Latin American countries’ flags are displayed everywhere and appear quite frequently in political rallies on both sides. I would suggest that Valle take off his blinders.

Finally, it’s interesting to note that most undocumented immigrants arrive here legally and overstay their visas. Those who enter illegally are the people who do all the jobs no one wants. A day without these laborers would wind up costing each of us more than the costs of developing a decent immigration and naturalization law that would foster a guest-worker program.

William Coombs, Miami