Letters to the Editor

Traffic circles

Can we issue a public-service announcement concerning the laws governing all the traffic circles we see popping up around town?

Even though there are yield signs at every entry to the circle, many motorists still don’t understand, so it bears verbalizing. Those not in the circle should yield to those already in the circle.

There have been so many instances when I’ve been in a circle and another driver cuts me off, oblivious that I am even there, causing me to brake in the circle and those behind me to brake as well. Or worse yet, the drivers waiting to enter the circle who becomes angry that I didn’t stop in the middle of the circle to let them in.

Traffic in the circle flows freely; there is no stopping in the middle of it. I feel this issue bears emphasis as we encounter these problems as traffic circles become more common place.

Maggie Coon,

Cutler Bay