Letters to the Editor

Island citizenship

Two events are closing the coffin on Puerto Rico.

First, the island announced that it could not pay the scheduled installment of its debt. Second a cruise ship sailed into the Havana harbor.

Shame on Congress for treating American citizens with such contempt. Shame on the civic leaders of the island for being so cavalier. It’s time to grow up. Boricuas need to stake their claim on the world stage. Join the Union or strike out on their own. Adolescence is over.

Congress needs to understand that colonialism is passé. Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and the Marianas need to be defined in terms of a more-permanent status. Their citizens need to be given the proper respect of full citizenship.

They have paid the ultimate tax — in human lives — for this nation. Let us honor this with equitable representation in decision making. Let us give them the ultimate respect by honoring the act of self-determination.

Evelyn Lopez-Brignoni,

Coral Gables