Letters to the Editor

Memories of mom

Mother’s Day is the one day a year where we show our mom a little extra attention and love. We pamper and shower her in hugs, kisses and gifts, creating everlasting memories together.

But with a mom with Alzheimer’s disease, the holiday is different. My mom doesn’t remember the flowers and all the sticky crafts I gave her. She doesn’t remember the smell of breakfast and coffee lingering from the kitchen. And she doesn’t remember the cheesy Mother’s Day cards we picked out.

This Mother’s day, I will visit my mom at a nursing home. I will wear a nametag and tell her all the stories from previous Mother’s Days. I will wait for a response to my stories, knowing no words will come from her mouth, but hoping for a smile letting me know she is listening.

As I sit with my mom this year all grown up I will remember what Mother’s Day is all about, showing our moms a little extra love and attention one day a year. Although my mom won’t remember, I will.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you!

Brittany Carel, Alzheimer’s Association volunteer, Miami