Letters to the Editor

Walk around the lake

The University of Miami is planning to build a footbridge across Lake Osceola to promote more walking! What are we missing here? As students, we walked around the lake with little difficulty as well as all over campus.

Years later, as Coral Gables residents, we enjoy walking around the lake and make it a priority to walk to all the events we attend on campus.

It is hard to believe that students would be more inclined to walk from Eaton to the student center if there were a bridge linking the two locations.

It seems to us the existing walk is not very long. Surely there must be better ways to spend a million dollars.

We applaud the recent additions that have enhanced the campus, but this is one plan we don’t understand. We hope the administration will reconsider and put this money to better use.

Melinda and Ron Prague,

Coral Gables