Letters to the Editor

No more illusions about Cuba

I’m Cuban, I’ve lived in South Florida for over half a century. I love my country of birth.

I miss kissing the land on which I walked for 21 years, the smell of the Cuban open lands and mountains and the place in which my grandparents are buried.

I cried from happiness on Dec. 17 when President Obama announced the possible reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

I even made inquiries as to what was necessary to visitm and maybe eventually retire, in Cuba.

But when I read the Jan. 18 article Yankee Comandante in Fidel Castro’s Cuba, by Mike Sallah and Mitch Weiss about William Morgan and the way he was put to death with a cruelty only reminiscent of Hitler’s Third Reich I realized that I have no place in Cuba, ever.

The moats of La Cabaña fortress on the other side of the bay are full of blood and bullets that were used to put to death Cubans who only wanted freedom and honest elections.

I believe that all political systems, whether the one in Cuba or the one in the United States, are only interested in survival and the destruction of its enemies. Ideals and patriotism belong to a bygone era. No more illusions for me.

Lazaro G. Martinez, Miami