Letters to the Editor

Getting off drugs

My son, who used to be a heroin addict, recently called me to tell me that, once again, a friend of his has died from a drug overdose. She left behind a 2-year-old child. This is about the 10th friend of his in the Weston area in the past 10 years who has died.

The irony is that there were two articles on your April 30 front page — Heroin, fentanyl a deadly duo as deaths skyrocket is one; the second, Fight over Zika funds rages with first U.S. death, tells us that we are going to spend $1.9 billion to fight this disease. How much are we spending to stop the drug deaths?

There is very little help to get your child off drugs. Over the years, it cost my family around $100,000. Thank God my son eventually saw the light and stopped.

Valerie Varrell, Davie