Letters to the Editor

Hollywood B-movie

The Democratic and Republican parties are extremely divided by ideologies and their impact on the middle class. Some Democrats think that the system is rigged in favor of the rich, while some Republicans think that the rich, being job creators, deserve all the breaks.

Unfortunately, the division has turned the presidential election into an epic event that resembles a B-rated movie featuring Robin Hood, a folk hero, and John Wayne, a Hollywood hero.

Some Democrats think that Bernie Sanders is their hope for a brighter future because he’s a modern-day Robin Hood. He pledges to take money from the rich, break up big banks, level taxes, and provide free college tuition. But, what he hasn’t told those living in fantasyland is that his merry men sitting in Congress are responsible for passing laws favoring the rich.

Staunch conservatives and tea party Republicans think the presidency should be embodied by someone with qualities like John Wayne.Yes, he projected strength, courage and even military grit, but only on movie sets. In real life he was only rich, like Donald Trump.

John Johnson, Miramar