Letters to the Editor

An MDC education

The numbers are impressive: 14,000 Miami Dade College graduates. MDC, given its size, is often touted for its ability to provide higher education to so many.

However, one must look deeper to see the reason for this success. I appreciate Alex Harris’ focus on a personal story (Education – 14,000 MDC graduates cross stage, May 1). A student, Dmitre St. Surin, credits his success, in part, to the efforts of Heather Belmont, dean of the School of Science.

Belmont’s concern prompted her to find him a summer internship so he would not drop out. With his studies now completed, he brought friends to graduation in the hopes that they, too, will think more about their futures. It is encounters such as these, between college staff and young people struggling to find their way in the world, that make colleges like MDC the right choice for so many.

Michael B. Reiner,

Coconut Grove