Letters to the Editor

Matheson a hero

Every week there is one or two articles about what a horrible person Bruce Matheson is for standing fast on no new development at the Crandon Tennis Center, asking how anyone can stand in the way of the necessary improvements because if we don’t do these things, we’re going to lose the Miami Open.

Sorry, this is much bigger than a tennis tournament.

Crandon Park is a unique and incredible asset that, if left to the city and county, would be developed to the hilt, and we would have no park. For proof look at Bicentennial Park (no park left); the Naval Reserve Center on Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove is a high-rise condo and the parking lot at Monty’s. All were deeded to the people to be public parks, I see very little park in any.

Matheson should be held up as a hero for defending the deed of trust and fighting to maintain a public park, which was the intent of his relatives. Instead he’s vilified.

Crandon Park is a treasure to be cherished and enjoyed by tourists and locals. It’s truly an asset to the community.

Curtis George, Coral Gables