Letters to the Editor

Weird politics

May you live in wonderful times! Courtesy of the GOP and its telenovela-esque primary, this commonly heard blessing certainly applies to today’s Democrats and late-night talk show hosts.

Last week alone transformed what was already a daily display of absurdity into an absolute farce.

First, the quixotic Ted Cruz and his new sidekick Sancho Panza, aka John Kasich decided to try a WWF-styled tag team effort to derail Donald Trump’s likely ride to 1,237 delegates. This pact presupposes they each will be able to win several of the remaining states, including some big ones. Naturally, Trump followed that alliance with a full sweep of five important states.

From there, the ridiculousness increased. Cruz, dubbed “Lucifer” by former House Speaker John Boehner, selected his running mate six months in advance of November’s election, all the while forgetting that choosing a woman for a vice president doesn’t necessarily translate into more votes. Mind you, he has virtually no shot of being selected the Republican nominee.

And finally, Trump, who is rightly accused of having anger-management issues, was endorsed by Bobby Knight.

Adrian Elman, Miami