Letters to the Editor

Ex-felons vote

Re Leonard Pitts Jr.’s April 27 column, Politics as usual as ex-felons get a vote: I almost always share Pitts’ views. But he seems to think that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s recent executive order restoring the civil rights of Virginia’s more than 200,000 convicted felons who have completed all portions of their sentences reeks political expediency in favor of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. He said that the we can only applaud it, “while holding our nose.”

Never mind that Virginia is only one of three states, including Iowa and, of course, Florida, where such restoration isn’t automatic upon any felon’s completion of his or her sentence. And never mind that then-candidate McAuliffe’s position on the issue dates back to his gubernatorial campaign in 2013.

Even assuming McAuliffe’s timing carries some odoriferous motivation, I suggest that Pitts wake up and smell the roses that his executive order produces.

Mark King Leban, Coral Gables