Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump’s wall

The wall — is it to be or not to be?

That question raises another one: Who is Donald Trump? In his foreign-policy speech recently, there was no mention of the wall. At a rally in Indiana later that day, the wall was going up again and without cost to the United States.

Trump is such a colorful character, charmingly folksy at times and presenting some good ideas. But in spite of his exploits, business acumen and exposure on television, he remains a puzzle to me. He has offered such a broad menu, often with opposing positions, that I’m confused as to what is genuine.

What would he be like as president? What would he do as the president? Would he use those “Washington insiders” as his advisers? How would his policies be affected?

Restraints from Congress, Supreme Court and the Constitution will limit his power as he faces guiding our nation through the challenges of the coming four years.

Still, who is the real Donald Trump?

Mary Lou Winkler, Miami