Letters to the Editor

Thanks to police

As an African-American male and community advocate, I would like thank South Florida’s law-enforcement community for the swift justice and gentle service they’ve provided throughout violence-torn communities for the past three months.

From the arrests made in the killing of 6-year-old King Carter to the recent arrest made in the strip club shooting on 79th Street and Northwest Seventh Avenue, your contributions are starting to bring residents closure and renew our appreciation and outlook toward police officers.

We may not always see eye to eye, but our hearts are where justice starts and end.

Your inspiration is starting to override our community fears of retaliation and has empowered law abiding residents to take their rightful place in a peaceful society.

I would also like to give kudos to your partners in crime prevention — the community — for being a voice for those who lost their voices to gun violence. In the words of 2Pac, “You are appreciated,” and in my own words, thank you.

Lionel Lightbourne, Miami