Letters to the Editor

Earth Day

While every Earth Day is important, this past Earth Day was particularly momentous.

On April 22nd, world leaders gathered in New York to sign the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Secretary John Kerry made an important statement by signing the agreement with his young granddaughter on his lap. He sent a clear message that we have an obligation to our children and grandchildren to protect them from the harmful effects of climate disruptions.

The signing of the Paris Agreement was a turning point in the fight against climate change because it showed overwhelming global support for climate action. Both we as individuals and elected leaders, at all levels of government, must turn the promise into concrete steps and become part of the global solution.

Fortunately, theEPA is working with states and stakeholders to fight climate change with the Clean Power Plan, the first ever federal limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

Unfortunately, some in Washington and Tallahassee are more worried about the health of polluters’ profits than the health of our child.

Climate deniers in Florida and in Congress are actively working to block any lifesaving efforts by the EPA to protect the health and safety of our communities. This has to end.

The Clean Power Plan is the best opportunity we have as a country to confront the climate crisis.

Karina Castillo,

Latino Outreach Organizer, Moms Clean Air Force,

New York