Letters to the Editor

FPL and solar

More lies and distortion from FPL chief executive Eric Silagy who falsely stated that residential rooftop solar is expensive, and poor customers subsidize rich ones who own solar panels according to the April 29 article, Is it a lab or a parking lot? FPL, FIU partner on new solar project.

The solar array on my family’s roof cost us $1.58 per watt after the federal tax credit, while the solar parking canopy system that FPL built at FIU cost FPL customers $3.35 per watt.

At more than twice the price, how is utility solar a better deal for customers than residential rooftop solar?

Further, our rooftop solar system is actually subsidizing poor customers. How? Our west-facing roof exposure pushes extra power onto the grid during peak load time, which saves FPL customers the extra cost of buying power from peaker generators while cutting carbon emissions at the same time.

FPL is down with solar power, provided they own it and you don’t. If you want a better deal on solar than FPL is offering, check out tinyURL.com/SouthMiamiSolar2016

Philip K. Stoddard, mayor, South Miami