Letters to the Editor

Holocaust parents

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I thank U,S. Rep. Illena Ros-Lehtinen for sponsoring legislation [H.Con.Res 129] and articulating the need for Holocaust victims to live with dignity and security in their remaining years, and urging Germany to reaffirm its commitment to the needs of vulnerable and financially destitute Holocaust victims.

It comes too late for my family, but hopefully will help others.

My mother at age 15 in 1944 was taken from her home in Puspokladany, Hungary and thrust into the horrors of Auschwitz and two other concentration camps. She miraculously survived to become a U.S. citizen, loving mother and grandmother who worked every day of her life until Alzheimer’s robbed her of a clear mind.

It was heart-breaking to watch a once vibrant woman deteriorate. What was most distressing was there no resources to help her or my father, an aging survivor himself plagued by Parkinson’s.

They were denied admittance to the Miami Jewish Home because they were poor and exhausted a meager life savings in a second-rate facility. They deserved a better end.

Joan Fleischer Tamen,

Miami Beach