Letters to the Editor

Real climate culprit

In Susannah Nesmith’s review of Retreat From a Rising Sea, she joins its authors in lamenting that South Florida may soon be inundated by water and in criticizing local civic leaders for not confronting the problem that the authors themselves acknowledge has no solution except to switch from cars to boats when the flood hits (A big warning for Miami, Miami Beach, April 24).

No climate denial here, except when manmade air pollution and harsh weather are conflated. The usual linkage is carbon emissions from human activities, but science itself tells us that the main climate culprit, carbon dioxide, comprises 400 parts per million of our atmosphere and that 95 percent of it comes from nature. So unless humans are ready to take the blame for ocean vapor, decaying land and sea life, lightning-sparked forest fires and erupting volcanoes, all the tailpipes and smokestacks in the world account for just 5 percent of the carbon dioxide in our air.

If the Atlantic one day inundates our homes, it will be replicating climatic events that covered and uncovered Florida many times before by omnipotent forces of planetary scale, all predating human chronology.

John A. Lanzetta,