Letters to the Editor

Help migrants

I applaud and agree with Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s letter, Embrace immigrants. He is not merely echoing the open door and open heart sentiments of Pope Francis, nor is he regurgitating populist leftist policy.

He is speaking practically and with heartfelt conviction about the necessity of lessening restrictions on migrants to the United States, especially from those countries most afflicted by political ineptitude, economic hardship, corruption and violence.

The archbishop doesn’t believe such a pressing issue should be used as political currency. How could life and death human rights policies, or at least those which hold the line between prosperity and destitution, be relegated to political mudslinging and Twitter-styled soundbites?

There is far too much nuance to the issue for such simplicity or demagoguery.

Sure there are some recent Cuban migrants who have taken advantage of liberalized policies. But the few do not speak for the masses.

Moreover, Wenski pays close heed to the Gospel, reinforcing millennial old calls to extend helping hands however and whenever possible.

Daviela Eckols,

Sunny Isles