Letters to the Editor

Ecosystem in danger

David Roelant’s April 18 opinion piece, Tritium levels no threat to our drinking water, misses many larger points and raises more questions.

The article states, “The increased tritium can be attributed to cooling canals at the Turkey Point nuclear plant.” It cites levels of tritium deemed safe for human consumption. What about the effects of tritium on native flora and fauna? The article makes no mention that tritium serves as a marker that lets us track the flow of the cooling canal water into the bay. That’s not OK. That’s not safe.

Further, while tritium may not be harmful to people, the water doesn’t just contain tritium; the water is hypersaline, superheated and contains ammonia and phosphorus. How does that harm the ecosystem?

Facts and science matter. The public must be educated about the real, macro effects of the FPL cooling-canal leaks on the larger ecosystem where humans and all creatures live as part of an interdependent web of existence.

David Jacobs, Miami