Letters to the Editor

Public disservice

While walking along the 200 block of north Biscayne Boulevard at about 7 p.m. recently, there was a group of Miami firefighters eating dinner in the Zona Fresca restaurant. There’s nothing wrong with that except that the manner in which they arrived and stayed for at least 45 minutes was a little disconcerting.

They parked a large, fire-emergency service vehicle in the slow lane of Biscayne Boulevard, completely blocking that lane and with emergency flashing lights.

This left only three of the four lanes usable for the the rest of the evening traffic. Everyone in the slow lane had to stop and then merge into the next lane to pass. Thus, a rather large slowdown.

Yes, we should look up to and revere these hard-working public servants, but in this case they were abusing their status.

Where in the world is it good and acceptable for public servants to believe they are above the rest of us and causing such inconvenience to us?

There was no emergency except for hungry stomachs.

Jim Ashton, Miami