Letters to the Editor

Build affordable homes

As a real-estate broker, I’ve noticed that Miami’s home prices, both for rent and sale, are flying through the roof. Miami has a great need for affordable housing: single family homes in decent, central neighborhoods and small detached homes with garages, close to shopping, schools and transportation in a price range between $180,000 and $320,000.

Right now, the average first-time buyer and young couples wanting to start families are forced to rent for indefinite periods of time. Rents are so high they cannot save for down payments.

I urge developers and city leaders to address this issue. Instead of getting greedy and building mansions or observation towers, focus on the thousands of people who are being priced out of the American Dream.

Not only will these properties build equity, but jobs will be created, not to mention increase real-estate tax revenues. It will be a place where children can be raised in safety, building lasting relationships and memories, and where parents can look forward to having a fully paid-for home by the time they retire.

Ana M. Valenti, Miami