Letters to the Editor

Medicaid expansion necessary

As chairman of the board of the largest network of not-for-profit rehabilitation and skilled nursing centers in South Florida, I applaud the Herald for its coverage of and the Editorial Board’s spotlight on the glaring need for Medicaid expansion.

Prompted by the recent report released by Florida Community Health Action Information Network , the Herald is again shining a bright light on this dire situation: One in four Miami-area adults are in poor health, and one in three working adults have no health coverage even with the new coverage options available through the Affordable Care Act. In Florida, there are 2.8 million uninsured individuals.

Unlike more than 30 states where expanded Medicaid programs are helping millions of people get healthcare, Florida denies working families the support and resources they desperately need. A family of four earning more than $15,000 earns too much for Medicaid coverage today.

We must keep up the good fight until the wisdom of Medicaid expansion finally takes hold in Tallahassee.

Ronald S. Lowy, board chair, Plaza Health Network Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Centers, Miami